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The Crisis of Legitimacy and Response "Human as Teacher" Caused by ChatGPT-Based on the Perspective of Criticism Theory of Technology

Aauthor:GUO Shunfeng LI Guang ZOU Hongjun Thu, Oct 26 2023 12:12 PM Click:[] Editor: [喻临风]

GUO Shunfeng LI Guang ZOU Hongjun

e-Education Research. 2023,44(11)

The emergence of ChatGPT has once again ignited people's theoretical enthusiasm for technology, and has also brought comprehensive and profound impacts and challenges to education, especially teachers, and the legitimacy of "human as teacher" has once again been pushed to the forefront of the times. The critical theory of technology provides epistemological guidance for us to deal with the legitimacy crisis of "human teacher". Based on the perspective of critical theory of technology, it can be found that the legitimacy crisis of "human teacher" triggered by ChatGPT is mainly manifested in the fact that "machine-based teacher" has shaken the authority of human teacher's knowledge, dissolved the professionalism of human teacher's teaching, and impacted the legitimacy of human teacher's role. The underlying causes lie in the alienation of knowledge production modes, the alienation of "human-human" and "human-machine" interaction habits, and the alienation of the form of human education caused by ChatGPT. The "human teacher" has a value that is difficult to be replaced by artificial intelligence. To effectively address the legitimacy crisis of "human teacher" caused by ChatGPT, possible strategies include: enhancing the knowledge production capacity of human teachers and expanding the field of human teachers' knowledge; defending the dominant position of teaching by human beings and highlighting the value of teaching by human teachers; adhering to the ethical bottom line of educating people by people, and enriching the connotation of the role of human teacher.


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