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Exploring the Application of VR in Educational Examinations

Aauthor:CHEN Chen CHENG Zhe Tue, Oct 10 2023 12:22 PM Click:[] Editor: [喻临风]


Journal of China Examinations. 2023(10)

Utilizing three-dimensional lifelike scenarios generated by computer and real-time interactive devices, virtual reality technology(VR)can provide students with immersive and highly interactive examination experiences through techniques such as data collection and analysis, and dynamic content generation. The application values of VR in educational examinations are manifested in promoting examination equity, achieving comprehensive assessment, and improving education and teaching. The application domains primarily include observational examinations, operational examinations, social examinations, and innovative examinations. The system consists of eight subsystems: terminal hardware system, virtual environment system,interaction system, data collection and processing system, assessment and feedback system, network and cloud service system, security and privacy system, and scalable system. To exploit the full potential of VR application in educational examinations, we should address 5 key issues: economic and technical costs,technical maturity and practicality, certification mechanisms and evaluation standards, teacher-student adaptability, and data security and privacy protection.


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