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The Effectiveness of Family Education Guidance Services and their Improvement ——Analysis based on Survey Data from 1 850 Households in Hubei Province

Aauthor:XIANG Rong', LEI Wanpeng Mon, Nov 6 2023 12:25 PM Click:[] Editor: [喻临风]

XIANG Rong', LEI Wanpeng

Journal of Educational Science of Hunan Normal University

Family education guidance services are an important means to improve the quality of family education and promote the healthy and all-round development of children. This study used the survey data of 8 cities and 18 counties (districts) in Hubei Province, and used multiple linear regression analysis and propensity score matching method to test the effect of family education guidance services. The results showed that family education guidance services had a significant positive impact on parents’ educational literacy, parents’ participation, children's learning attitudes and behavioral performance, and there was group heterogeneity in this effect. In contrast family education guidance services have a greater positive effect on parents' family education knowledge and learning supervision. The mediating effect analysis showed that there was a significant mediating effect between parents’ educational literacy and parental participation in family education guidance services and children's learning attitudes and behaviors. Optimizing the structure of the “supply” of family education guidance services, strengthening the “transformation” effect of family education guidance services, and building a “guarantee” mechanism for family education guidance service are important ways to increase the effectiveness of family education guidance services.


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