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Inspiring Eros for Both Physical and Spiritual Beauty: Toward an Aesthetic Model of Pedagogy

Aauthor: Wed, Sep 20 2023 12:52 PM Click:[] Editor: [黄韵晨]

Han Xuetong Luo Zubing
Modern University Education. 2023,39(05)

Teaching can be regarded as an aesthetic practice to inspire eros for both physical and spiritual beauty. However, due to our misunderstanding of eros, teaching has turned into something rather unsatisfactory. Based on Socrates' “ladder of eros”, we propose that teachers, being lovers of wisdom themselves, should try to inspire among students eros for physical beauty as well as eros for spiritual beauty, which are also two interactively united parts of eros itself. To be specific, we should first help students discover and experience the beauty of objects and phenomena in the real world and arouse their love for physical beauty. Secondly, we need to foster their love for wisdom and inspire them to pursue intellectual beauty or the beauty of “Platonic forms”. Finally, we should let students reflect on the virtues they value and consider how to practice such virtues themselves to arouse their love for moral beauty.


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