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Influential Factors and lmprovement Strategies for “Study Burden Reduction and Education Quality lmprovement” in Rural Schools in the Context of “Double Reduction” Policy: An Exploratory Research Based on Grounded Theory

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ZENG Xin DU Xinhua

Journal of South China Normal University(Social Science Edition). 2023(04)

After the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, new requirements on “study burden reduction and education quality improvement” have been put forward for the school education. However, there are several problems and difficulties in the process of achieving “study burden reduction and education quality improvement” for rural schools. After the depth interview with 27 headmasters or teachers from rural primary and secondary schools, an influential factor model of “study burden reduction and education quality improvement” in rural schools was established under the background of “double reduction” policy based on the grounded theory. Suggestions for improvement are as follows: promoting teachers' policy understanding, doing more outreach to the public; changing the educational concepts in schools, taking teachers' focus off score results; formulating related implementation rules, carrying out the “double reduction” policy; organizing more professional training courses for teachers, improving teachers' competence to implement the policy; reducing teachers' burden reasonably, protecting the proper rights and interests of teachers; increasing the quantity of teachers who teach non-examined subjects, listing certain conditions of conferring academic titles; utilize online educational resources, taking full advantage of rural community resources; changing the parenting concepts, creating an environment of home-school cooperation; increasing investment in education, encouraging the participation of social forces.


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