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The Effect of Rural Teachers' Job Crafting on Career Commitment and lts Mechanism

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SUN Ran DU Ping

Educational Research and Experiment. 2023(02)

As a bottom-up job redesign approach, job crafting has become a new perspective to explore how to motivate teachers in recent years. In this paper, questionnaire survey was used to collect data from 2,217 primary school teachers in Liaoning, Yunnan, Chongqing, Guangxi and Guizhou, revealing the current status of job crafting and career commitment of rural primary school teachers, analyzing the relationship of above two variables, and deeply exploring its mechanism and boundary conditions. The results showed that the job crafting and career commitment of rural primary school teachers were at a moderate level. Job crafting of rural primary school teachers positively predicted career commitment, and teachers' self-efficacy and organizational support played mediating and moderating roles in the above-mentioned relationship respectively. The findings are enlightening to excavate the endogenous power of rural teachers, enhance their career commitment and improve the stability of rural teachers.


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