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ChatGPT/AIGC and Modernization of Education Governance: Also on the Transformation of Education Governance in the Digital Era

Aauthor: Mon, Jun 26 2023 09:02 PM Click:[] Editor: [陈柯帆]

Zhou Hongyu, Li Yuyang

Journal of East China Normal.2023.41(07)

The application of digital technology to educational governance is a strategic choice to cope with the changes of the times and society. Educational governance in the digital era has two meanings. One is “digital-based educational governance”, the other is “governance of digitalization in education”. The former inspires us to make full use of the governance dynamics of ChatGPT; the latter inspires us to strengthen the risk governance of ChatGPT. Along this line of thought, we can find that the introduction of ChatGPT, a new generation of artificial intelligence technology, has ushered in a major opportunity for the education governance system to be perfected and the education governance capacity to be effectively improved. However, the current ChatGPT is not perfect, and the tension between the existing education governance system and ChatGPT has not yet been dissolved, resulting in its potential application in education governance not being fully released. In view of the potential of ChatGPT, education governance in the digital era is increasingly moving towards scientific, efficient, democratic, rule of law and intelligent development. We should start from improving the governance system of “one core, multiple governance”, improving education governance capacity, building a proactive education governance framework, and jointly building a global education governance system, so as to prevent the risks of ChatGPT application while leveraging its momentum to help modernize education governance and promote the modernization of Chinese education with the modernization of education governance.


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